Gill and Associates knows that efficient, reliable process serving is paramount in ensuring your success. Gill and Associates welcomes the opportunity to serve any documents to any company or any individual, including subpoenas, complaints, summons, and writs. We make attempts at service promptly, on varying days and times - including evenings - to ensure your document is served. We can provide personal service if required and will always obtain a name and full description of the accepting individual, along with a full description of the property. We will canvass the area residents to determine the validity of the address and the best time and day to complete service. We also can locate any individual, in the event of an invalid or outdated address, and effect good service at that location, if necessary.

We can also file any document at City Hall in Philadelphia, or at any courthouse in the surrounding counties.

When serving a complaint, we charge the same rate regardless of the number of attempts we make to complete service. We are experienced with the efforts individuals craft to avoid service, and we remain undeterred. We prepare the Affidavit of Service for you, and if in Philadelphia, file it as well. We offer competitive rates and would welcome the opportunity to serve your documents.

Gill and Associates, Inc. has over 20 years in investigative support and has built a solid foundation of litigation support. We have the experience to take your assignment from planning and execution to trial, with our professional staff and experience.

We continue to have a strong background in the security business and welcome the opportunity to show you our security consultant opportunities.