Gill & Associates investigators have more than 100 years of combined experience in conducting successful, discreet surveillance operations. We consider our surveillance unit to be the true strong suit of our organization. We have the ability to conduct nationwide surveillance in any civil, criminal, or domestic/family law case. We have successfully tailed subjects to several different foreign countries and we have the ability to achieve success in a cost effective manner. We utilize the latest technology to capture an accurate digital video record of all surveillance subjects. Gill & Associates has a fleet of clandestine surveillance vehicles at our disposal that enables us to constantly remain discreet. We excel where other surveillance units fail with difficult locations and subjects that have been previously aware that they were under investigation. We also employ GPS tracking devices to our advantage whenever legally permitted. Full, written and typed, reports are prepared upon the completion of surveillance operations, along with digital still photographs depicting notable events during the surveillance, and digital video reproductions of all video acquired. Gill and Associates will maintain the original copy of each surveillance video tape, indefinitely.

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Accident Investigation

We can completely investigate any accident. From photos and diagrams of the accident scene, to witness statements, neighborhood canvasses, and obtaining police reports, our experienced staff can investigate any aspect that may arise.

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Witness Statements

Gathering facts or "fact-finding" is a critical component in any investigation for both civil and criminal cases. Our investigators recognize the importance of gaining the cooperation of witnesses, thereby possessing extensive knowledge and experience in turning hostile witnesses into valuable assets. Our statements can be handwritten, typed or recorded and are tailored to each specific case or issue at hand.

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Locates (Skip Tracing)

Has your client moved and not contacted you? Can't locate a key witness or defendant? Lost contact with a loved one, a parent, grown child, sibling, friend or spouse? Over the years, people move and relocate; however, with the latest technology and years of experience, our staff has the capability of discreetly locating the most elusive individuals- whether it's for a criminal, civil, or domestic case, or for the purpose of conducting a discreet surveillance operation.

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TSCM Inspections (Audio/Video Bug Sweeping)

Anyone who has a reason to be bugged can be bugged! Gill & Associates has experienced TSCM Specialists on staff familiar with the latest technology. We are able to conduct TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) inspections at your residential, corporate, or commercial setting including vehicles. Many people believe that being bugged is a sophisticated operation that only occurs in books and movies. In fact, it can happen to anyone. Bugging equipment is cheap and readily available at your local electronics store or on the internet. It is easy to install and can be as simple as a voice-activated recorder surreptitiously placed in your proximity. Husbands and wives bug each other, business meetings and contract negotiations are bugged, people bug to learn trade secrets, people under investigation by the police are routinely bugged, and high-profile public or private persons are bugged. We are educated in the methods of covert eavesdropping such as RF, Optical, Ultrasonic, Acoustic, or a combination of any or all. We are skilled in the detection of all methods of wiretapping and GPS tracking. Our rates for TSCM inspections are based on the square footage of the residence, board/meeting room, or office being inspected, plus expenses. This directly correlates to the amount of time required to conduct a complete and thorough examination. Certain situations, such as vehicle inspections, will be evaluated and estimated based on the time required to conduct a comprehensive inspection.

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Background Investigations

Our firm can conduct complete and thorough civil and criminal background investigations, including asset checks on any individual, not only within the state of Pennsylvania, but also nationwide. The investigations are comprehensive and include civil cases, criminal cases (county, state and federal level), property records, marriage and divorce records, voter registration, federal and bankruptcy cases, employee verification and/or professional licensing. All of these services are tailored to each specific case to ensure complete satisfaction. We also offer complete background investigations to businesses who wish to hire a new employee. With each new employee, we can conduct our complete background investigation, including prior employment and education verification.

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Still or video photography is available of any location or of any individual to help you accurately capture the details of your case. Our trained staff photographers will accurately memorialize injuries, accident locations, any defect, or damages to property or vehicles. Our attention to detail shines through with each photographic assignment. We utilize high-resolution digital cameras with specialized lenses to achieve professional investigative photographs.

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Client Sign-Up

An additional service we offer to the legal community is client sign-up. Our staff investigators will meet with potential clients on behalf of counsel for the purpose of signing retainer agreements and obtaining a full account of the incident, motor vehicle accident, etc. Injuries related to the accident can be photographed, if necessary. We can travel to any location to sign-up your client.

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Gill and Associates is a full- service private investigation firm specializing in witness statements, missing persons locations, background investigations, asset investigations, video surveillances, as well as photography, diagram drawing, and process serving. Please look over the many services that we offer and see how we can be a part of your continued success!