Uniformed Security

G & A uniformed security staff can integrate seamlessly into your environment. We are devoted to hiring high-caliber employees who are intelligent, capable and dedicated individuals. Our uniformed staff is trained in several key disciplines such as public relations, access control, report writing, handling threats, fire safety, and proper patrol procedures. We tailor our service to fit your needs, specifically designing a security model that you and your staff, visitors, facility, or customers are comfortable with. This is achieved through the level of visible presence we provide along with uniform changes that can be designed to work within your context. We also use the latest technology to our advantage, including video systems, and guard tour systems. We will be able to utilize any systems that are currently in place, or we can provide the resources for you to upgrade.

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Undercover Security

Our discreet or undercover security staff is a unique entity. We are able to place professional individuals in any condition within your business model for any necessary situation. This includes loss prevention in a retail company where our staff may pose as an everyday customer, or we can be hired in any entry level position by your company and become a member of your staff along with being an active observer to the operation of your facility. We report our findings daily and discreetly so that the proper actions are taken. Our staff members comprising this unit are all college-educated and are able to competently work in any manufacturing, professional, service, or corporate setting.

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Mobile Patrol

Our mobile security staff has primarily been utilized by companies with a trucking or delivery system for their merchandise or services. Often, business with these needs will have some type of tracking method in place. However, while the financial investment is out on the road there is opportunity for loss that cannot be eliminated with any tracking procedure. During these operations, we can remain either discreet or maintain a visible presence. Our experience has been able to prevent theft of product by outside individuals, or theft of product by employees, loss of time by employees, and workers compensation claims. Our mobile security staff is also able to patrol large facilities with any security need.

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Strike Enforcement

G & A Security can provide a temporary security staff during any labor negotiations, impending or ongoing strike situation. Often times during these negotiations, the intensity level increase as each day passes. Many situations can occur during these periods ranging from intimidation, prevention of your business operation, and vandalism by striking employees. We have extensive experience in these matters and are able to coordinate with local law enforcement and your labor management staff to ensure the safety and security of your employees, equipment, and facility. Along with the obvious duties of a security staff, we will assist your labor team in gaining any necessary legal injunctions so that you may continue to operate. We are able to provide services as simple as supplemental security to your current staff to an overwhelming staff to eliminate any threat.

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G & A Security is the area's leading security guard service provider, offering a complete range of services including uniformed, discreet security, and mobile patrol services to industrial and manufacturing commercial properties, residential communities, retail establishments, colleges and universities, event security, individual private security, strike management or labor dispute enforcement. 

In today's world of ever increasing security needs, many businesses, public and private, small and large, are recognizing their vulnerability and realizing the benefits of securing their commodity, whether it be goods or services, to ensure their financial prosperity or legacy well into the future.  We are dedicated to developing and implementing specialized security guard programs for each of our clients.  G & A takes pride in providing this specialized service in a cost-effective manner.  Our commitment to professional quality security services is unmatched.  G & A Security sets the industry standard for excellence with our exceptional security personnel and hands-on management.